Sunday, February 12, 2006

Re: [Tinku Town] diets debunked

I am tired of people saying there is research that eating 5 meals a day is better than 1 meal a day for losing weight, but they never cite the study.

I don't think anyone has seriously debunked the one meal a day diet.

In medical school, I had a lecture "diets debunked" that debunked atkins, southbeach, limiting variety, food replacements, and most diets, except one meal a day.

In the end calories in < calories out means you lose weight.
one meal a day lets you eat your favorite foods, saves you time and money so you are more likely to keep it going.

I did the one meal a day diet through most of medical school and was the healthiest in my life.  The only thing that gets in the way is free meals, because it takes away one of the incentives of the one meal a day diet (save money).

anyways, check out the following articles and books:,,282_175381,00.html?dst=rss%7Cukdf
Total Nutrition: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need - From the Mount Sinai School of Medicine by Herbert

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