Saturday, May 13, 2006

v for vadetta review
This is a great and informative review that increased my satisfaction after seeing v for vandetta.
V for Vandetta was a supposedly libertarian movie, I didn't think so when I saw it.  But this review clarifies how it was supposed to be, with lengthy excerpts from the book. 
Now, only if I had time and motivation to get the book.  I guess I'll add it to my amazon wish list ;)

So back in the day, when I was deep into Navinan Hinduism (Naveen means new / neo) reformed by vivekananda and crew, I'm not sure there were any anarchists in the history of hinduism.  Infact it may be the one thing not explicitly supported in the flexible umbrella of Hinduism.  But then, they didn't develop lisp either, so Hinduism is pretty much history for me...

It'd be fun if V came back from his grave to fight off the v-chip folks (libertarian style freedom for children, which surprisingly even libertarians don't talk about.)