Monday, February 20, 2006

evolutionary psychology

so I did a search for evolutionary psycology on
steven pinker is a supporter...
I'm not a huge fan of either evolutionary psycology, steven pinker, and probably wouldn't see eye to eye with denett on everything either (I don't think they are super clear in their reasoning even if they have some interesting ideas).
I forget what context i last heard about evolutionary psychology in...
First of all you don't need evolutionary psychology to show religion is not that relevant to the world except in stopping progress.
Second I'm a fan of children's rights (I was anti-vchip etc.), and the critic mentions something about denett supporting children obeying their parents just because parents are usually right and now for evolutionary psychology reasons...
by the way, the closest things to evolutionary psychology (social sciences) that I like is "sex and reason" by richard posner,
"end of racism" by d'souza, and "please understand me II" by kiersey.
I am more getting into math again... reading a really dry book on algorythms...
What did you think of "the elegant universe"? for theoretical physics is the only thing that gets me thinking about god and death and its depressing / scary... and I feel myself becoming irrational.
I think I offended an2 on my trip to LA with my evolving ;) ideas on friendship... he even called me irrational...
I tried to hide behind godel, but he was not impressed...
I know people are scared of the extremes libertarianism allows (unrestrained research into AI and cloning for one).
The problem is that you still need a very totalitarian enforcement of certain rules of law (protection of private property and individual freedom) many of which require stopping powerful individuals from violating individual rights...
I still think this is better than other types of government where you have as a given this all power government with power over anything it wants almost which is used by majorities and special interests to take away rights and freedoms from everyone else.
from India

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Re: [Tinku Town] diets debunked

I am tired of people saying there is research that eating 5 meals a day is better than 1 meal a day for losing weight, but they never cite the study.

I don't think anyone has seriously debunked the one meal a day diet.

In medical school, I had a lecture "diets debunked" that debunked atkins, southbeach, limiting variety, food replacements, and most diets, except one meal a day.

In the end calories in < calories out means you lose weight.
one meal a day lets you eat your favorite foods, saves you time and money so you are more likely to keep it going.

I did the one meal a day diet through most of medical school and was the healthiest in my life.  The only thing that gets in the way is free meals, because it takes away one of the incentives of the one meal a day diet (save money).

anyways, check out the following articles and books:,,282_175381,00.html?dst=rss%7Cukdf
Total Nutrition: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need - From the Mount Sinai School of Medicine by Herbert

diets debunked
Protecting America's Health: The FDA, Business, and One Hundred Years of Regulation
by Philip J Hilts  -  Sample pages displayed by agreement with UNC Press

Total Nutrition: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need - From the Mount Sinai School of Medicine
by Herbert