Saturday, July 08, 2006

best place to live

People waste so much time talking about what cities they like and most of it not even intuitively speculating.

I took a quiz at a couple of sites a while ago, and got Long Island, NY and Augusta, GA as the best places for me.  Which is funny because I am from augusta, ga and Long Island is one of my favorite places, I have relatives there...
maybe these people have found a science in it.

I had tried to do a 2009 settle down with your friends project, where I am trying to get my best friends to move to one city, preferably with a low cost of living... since I believe a city is as good as the people who you know there. Right now its dallas, tx I think... but i'm open to suggestions.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

philosophical investigations

Philosophical Investigations is a brilliant and funny piece of philosophy before Chris Rock and Sienfeld.  

Its true that perfect communication is impossible, but that doesn't mean we can't try to improve the suboptimal communication that happens anyways.  The social web is changing the whole paradigm.  We no longer have to analyze our own thoughts, but the sum of world voices can be analyzed for their intended and expected meaning.  

Just as the difficulty of NP complete problems doesn't stop young mathematicians from attempting artificial intelligence, ludwig doesn't stop internet communication to be omnipresent.  

my amazon review:

review of gandhi's autobiography "my experiments with truth"

Gandhi may have been the only honest successfull politician ever.  
If Gandhi had been born before the American Revolution, the declaration of independence may have including the protection of truth as one of the self evident responsibilities of the goverenment, and maybe pursuit of not so self-evident truths as a right...
Gandhi's autobiography along with The Daily Show's book on Democracy Inaction have inspired me to write my own book.  
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Saturday, May 13, 2006

v for vadetta review
This is a great and informative review that increased my satisfaction after seeing v for vandetta.
V for Vandetta was a supposedly libertarian movie, I didn't think so when I saw it.  But this review clarifies how it was supposed to be, with lengthy excerpts from the book. 
Now, only if I had time and motivation to get the book.  I guess I'll add it to my amazon wish list ;)

So back in the day, when I was deep into Navinan Hinduism (Naveen means new / neo) reformed by vivekananda and crew, I'm not sure there were any anarchists in the history of hinduism.  Infact it may be the one thing not explicitly supported in the flexible umbrella of Hinduism.  But then, they didn't develop lisp either, so Hinduism is pretty much history for me...

It'd be fun if V came back from his grave to fight off the v-chip folks (libertarian style freedom for children, which surprisingly even libertarians don't talk about.)


Saturday, April 15, 2006

minimum wage and home schooling

On the minimum wage:

"While we live in a non libertarian environment, we do sometimes need protections like the minimum wage.  
For example, I am a doctor in training.  Now, I wish medicine was not as regulated, but since it is and I have to go through a residency to do what I want to do, be a doctor.  I need some protection like the 80 hour per week work limits.  Unfortunately in non libertarian markets, people are willing to work greater than 80 hours per week in unhealthy work environments during training such as surgeons.  And they need protection from themselves.  Similarly, while you need a license to drive a cab, cut hair, and some other relatively poorly paid jobs, people need the minimum wage.  
The reason that people who flip burgers need a minimum wage is because we have regulations that make it difficult for them to open up shop on the street.
When people are free to work for themselves, they don't need or want a minimum wage working for someone else."

On public schools:
I would much prefer to private school my children, if there wasn't a part of me that wanted to atleast use some of my tax money. But where else are children going to learn about the inconsistencies of our non-libertarian world if not in public school?
I hope I'm able to home school my children anyways. With the wikipedia, mit opencourseware, and the rest of the internet, much of k-12 education is really obsolete anyways.
Maybe what we really need is a specialized school that just teaches children about maneuvering through an unfair, irrational, inconsistent world (tv already does that somewhat), and leave the teaching to a web based curriculum, with private standardized tests, that employers can use to guage academic skill.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

neurobiology and computer science

Hey guys,
here are a couple of links that I think are the bridge between organic and electronic computation:

these things are taken for granted by organic / natural computers (starting, interrupting processes)  Simulating these events requires artificially checking legalities that physics and chemistry take care of for natural computers.  I think the key to Artificial intelligence is going to require doing these activities on a massive scale preferably using uniform cost always running computations that real objects do in computing physical forces.  
additionaly the idea of heirarchical control needs to be abandoned.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Re: Intel Science Talent Search winner biographies (but look at their parents)..

This whole business of children and parent's influence causes problems for me.
I like to think of myself as a defender of children's rights, and too much brainwashing (or atleast discipline) from parents, ( was against the v-chip etc...)  I prefer Krishna's method of only preaching when asked for.
unfortunately not preaching is just allowing others to preach your children...
add this to the list of things I've sold out to as I get older.
I blame lack of true free will of course.
so, send me my neices and nephews and I'll properly brainwash them and get them to win some competitions.
too bad these contests have a political component to them, and the children can't win for innovation in stuff that children (including me) really care about.  Maybe they can, and that's where our efforts should be, screw it if they can't win an intel competetion.  But its a limited time that children care about children, before they grow up.  They should use that time in improving the lives of children, not old people by working on the environment and biology and math... (ok, maybe we'll make artifical intelligence an exception to this list ;))

Monday, February 20, 2006

evolutionary psychology

so I did a search for evolutionary psycology on
steven pinker is a supporter...
I'm not a huge fan of either evolutionary psycology, steven pinker, and probably wouldn't see eye to eye with denett on everything either (I don't think they are super clear in their reasoning even if they have some interesting ideas).
I forget what context i last heard about evolutionary psychology in...
First of all you don't need evolutionary psychology to show religion is not that relevant to the world except in stopping progress.
Second I'm a fan of children's rights (I was anti-vchip etc.), and the critic mentions something about denett supporting children obeying their parents just because parents are usually right and now for evolutionary psychology reasons...
by the way, the closest things to evolutionary psychology (social sciences) that I like is "sex and reason" by richard posner,
"end of racism" by d'souza, and "please understand me II" by kiersey.
I am more getting into math again... reading a really dry book on algorythms...
What did you think of "the elegant universe"? for theoretical physics is the only thing that gets me thinking about god and death and its depressing / scary... and I feel myself becoming irrational.
I think I offended an2 on my trip to LA with my evolving ;) ideas on friendship... he even called me irrational...
I tried to hide behind godel, but he was not impressed...
I know people are scared of the extremes libertarianism allows (unrestrained research into AI and cloning for one).
The problem is that you still need a very totalitarian enforcement of certain rules of law (protection of private property and individual freedom) many of which require stopping powerful individuals from violating individual rights...
I still think this is better than other types of government where you have as a given this all power government with power over anything it wants almost which is used by majorities and special interests to take away rights and freedoms from everyone else.
from India