Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Re: Intel Science Talent Search winner biographies (but look at their parents)..

This whole business of children and parent's influence causes problems for me.
I like to think of myself as a defender of children's rights, and too much brainwashing (or atleast discipline) from parents, ( was against the v-chip etc...)  I prefer Krishna's method of only preaching when asked for.
unfortunately not preaching is just allowing others to preach your children...
add this to the list of things I've sold out to as I get older.
I blame lack of true free will of course.
so, send me my neices and nephews and I'll properly brainwash them and get them to win some competitions.
too bad these contests have a political component to them, and the children can't win for innovation in stuff that children (including me) really care about.  Maybe they can, and that's where our efforts should be, screw it if they can't win an intel competetion.  But its a limited time that children care about children, before they grow up.  They should use that time in improving the lives of children, not old people by working on the environment and biology and math... (ok, maybe we'll make artifical intelligence an exception to this list ;))