Saturday, April 15, 2006

minimum wage and home schooling

On the minimum wage:

"While we live in a non libertarian environment, we do sometimes need protections like the minimum wage.  
For example, I am a doctor in training.  Now, I wish medicine was not as regulated, but since it is and I have to go through a residency to do what I want to do, be a doctor.  I need some protection like the 80 hour per week work limits.  Unfortunately in non libertarian markets, people are willing to work greater than 80 hours per week in unhealthy work environments during training such as surgeons.  And they need protection from themselves.  Similarly, while you need a license to drive a cab, cut hair, and some other relatively poorly paid jobs, people need the minimum wage.  
The reason that people who flip burgers need a minimum wage is because we have regulations that make it difficult for them to open up shop on the street.
When people are free to work for themselves, they don't need or want a minimum wage working for someone else."

On public schools:
I would much prefer to private school my children, if there wasn't a part of me that wanted to atleast use some of my tax money. But where else are children going to learn about the inconsistencies of our non-libertarian world if not in public school?
I hope I'm able to home school my children anyways. With the wikipedia, mit opencourseware, and the rest of the internet, much of k-12 education is really obsolete anyways.
Maybe what we really need is a specialized school that just teaches children about maneuvering through an unfair, irrational, inconsistent world (tv already does that somewhat), and leave the teaching to a web based curriculum, with private standardized tests, that employers can use to guage academic skill.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

neurobiology and computer science

Hey guys,
here are a couple of links that I think are the bridge between organic and electronic computation:

these things are taken for granted by organic / natural computers (starting, interrupting processes)  Simulating these events requires artificially checking legalities that physics and chemistry take care of for natural computers.  I think the key to Artificial intelligence is going to require doing these activities on a massive scale preferably using uniform cost always running computations that real objects do in computing physical forces.  
additionaly the idea of heirarchical control needs to be abandoned.